This site is mainly for fun and personal use. A friend poked me with a stick til I made it, and I've found myself invested on a new creative outlet. I'll be stashing some of my OC art here.

Please note: Much of my art employs mature themes and that may be disturbing or triggering to some. Explore as you see fit.

Feel free to link me.

If you want me to link you, let me know.

The incense smoke from the little wooden mushroom house billows over to my spot at the table: The screen becomes obscured with twirling shapes and motes of dust. In the sunset glare, it looks like a magic mist come to beckon me to someplace mysterious.

I accept isolation.

Listening to the hockey game on the radio while sweeping the store: the snow falling outside the dark windows makes me feel like I'm in my own snowglobe and the warm voices narrating the players' actions gives me a dreamy sense of imagination. I feel like I'm there in the stadium, listening to all the clattering in person.

The floor creaks whenever I shift my weight: Standing in front of the glass door, watching birds in the yard. My fingers are cold.

Watching the snow fall around us: The slush on the cement only adds to the charm and I don't feel cold at all.

Sounds of the house creaking while I'm home alone: This never fails to make me feel anxious.

The color of the sunset when viewed between overlapping clouds: The warmth of it feels blinding, but I prefer sunrises.

Worms are drawn to the grotesque.

Waking up and seeing the room come into focus: Sometimes, one eye functions better than the other. Half my vision remains blurry as if in protest of sleep loss.


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  • I often find romance in fiction.

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